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MY PAK JOB publishes job listings for the convenience of job seekers.

MY PAK JOBS does not endorse or recommend employers, and the publication does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation. Remote's does not expressly make any representations or warranties regarding job listings or the accuracy of information provided by an employer.

MY PAK JOBS's is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or any other aspect of unrestricted employment.

Applicants are required to exercise due diligence when looking for employers when applying or hiring, and to scrutinize the facts and reputation of each organization they apply to. 

Any employer who posts a job posting and uses a logo, trademark, or copyrighted material warrants and represents that the employer has full authority and permission to use such logo, trademark, and/or copyrighted material as in connection with the board Remote's Employment Service, or otherwise, and expressly agrees to allow Remote Users to use it in connection with the Remote's Job Board and Job Promotion.

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